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Re: Nikon must love folks like you....

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Nikon must really enjoy having customers who announce in advance that they will pay any price for their future camera, sight unseen, even if it's absolute garbage.

WCguy wrote:

Personally Bill , I think if the V3 was at $500-$700 without the options included ,many of these same folks would still be bitching about the price or something else. Many folks just come in here to harp and complain just for the sake of being heard.How simple is it, if the camera isn't for you, or is too expensive, don't buy it, move on, why waste time trying to convince others to feel the same way, go get that other great deal of a camera system you constantly compare the V3 to. As far as Huff's tirant for 3 sec. on the V3, who cares. I have no problem paying the $1200 for the V3 package, couldn't care less what others think, I don't buy for them. Months from now while everyone is still ranting on about the same nonsense I will be enjoying my almost new V3. When the new V4 comes out, I will buy that one too.

Well, I just wonder what Leica thinks of THEIR customers, or what you think of them.

I am not going to try to put words in WCguy's mouth, but what I get from his post is that if Nikon gave you 2 V3's for the price of one people would still complain.  Heck, I know folks who have a 300mm f2.8, 400mm f2.8, 500mm f4, 600mm f4 and the 800mm f5.6, all the latest versions because they wanted them.  Heck, that makes the V3 even less than a drop in the bucket, and I can actually carry the V3 wherever I go!  Try that will all the "long glass", and you have to factor in the cost of a Sherpa or two.

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