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Ok, I'll play, em10 and em1Re: Perhaps a bit more reading and research would help, for us all

em10 - $700
em1 - $1300
v3 with grip and evf - $1050
gx7 - $1000

So, we have the v3 right in the middle of the Olympus models, and a "pick-em" with the GX7.  Pick the factors you think are more important.  Better AF for tracking?  Sensor size?  Built-in stabilization?  Nikon vs Olympus?

Thanks for giving me those models to choose from

Those are all matters of choice.  One thing appears rather obvious to me, if the V3 is so darned over priced, then I guess looking at price only, the others must be as well, other than the em10.

For me the utility of the V3, and the Nikon 1 system, suits my personal needs for the AF tracking and ability to fully utilize my Nikon lenses that I already have "sunk costs".  If I did not have those needs, the other brands would of far more interest to me, and I might even go so far as to say that if this was going to be my primary camera, rather than my 2nd or 3rd body, the others would be of more interest as well.

Point being, if you are going to complain about the V3 price, then at least be fair and make the same complaint about the others.  As I, and others, have noted the bundle simply does not make a ton of sense.  But would Steve Huff not be complaining about "too expensive" if the bundle was not in place?  Hard to tell, I can't read his mind.

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