Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

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Re: Are you sure?

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I also stand by the statement that every lens/sensor combination will benefit from the increase from 16 MP to 36 MP, so long as the lens was not the limiting factor for resolution on the 16 MP sensor.

Can you give an example of a lens which when used on the D800 and the D4/Df wouldn't show any higher resolution or more details from the D800 photo?


Every lens I own and have owned would show higher resolution on a D800 than on a D4/Df. I would expect every Nikon lens available to show an improvement.

In that case, can you explain what in theory a lens like that be (i.e. one like what you described as a limiting factor)? What type of result would it give with (e.g.) a D4, that would make the higher resolution from the D800 not show at all?

I would say that any lens would show higher resolution from the D800. I'm not sure what specifically you meant by a lens that is the limiting factor. I guess a lens can be so bad that a photo from either camera would be terrible, but the one form the D800 would still have higher resolution.

I am not a lens tester so I can't point to any specific lenses that are out resolved by the Df.

I was merely stating that theoretically there is a possibility that a lens is the limiting factor in resolved detail and not the sensor. In that case, increasing sensor resolution may not produce more visible detail in an image.

This article may help explain more than what is practical to discuss here:

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