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Re: Who Is KR?

cplunk wrote:

He is sweet starving little Ryan ( and Katie's: ( dad.

I would leave his kids out of the discussion.

And he needs YOUR help to feed his family ( so that he doesn't have to get a real job and can keep arming trolls to attack photo related sites across the Internet with his crazy ideas.

He clearly comes out and states that he makes his living off the site, and off of click-through sales. I wish I had an idea as crazy as that.

Honestly, if the pictures he chooses to share of his own kids are that bad, why would I want to take his advise?

Spend more than two minutes on his site, and take a look at the photos in his galleries. Snaps of his kids are just proud dad showing what the kids are doing. His galleries are his actual photography and well worth looking at - far better than the many snarky comments about him in this thread would suggest.

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