auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: I like min shutter better

Jim in Hudson wrote:

For well more than 30 years, photographers have set their cameras to S mode instead of P or A to deal with moving subjects.

This is a flawed argument, though - you imply that minimum SS using AutoISO while in A mode is irrelevant because photographers have done it another way for 30 years.

If you stand by that logic, then one could equally argue photographers have *also* dealt with moving subjects pre-focusing their MF lens to the right spot (so who needs AF?), or dialing in their flash power manually (so who needs TTL flashes??) or developing their shots in darkrooms (so who needs digital?).

Camera features simply expand possibilities - no need to fight them unless they truly get in your way

That said, I can understand some people wanting a 1/f autoISO, as I guess it could be helpful with still life (especially if the autoISO could take advantage of OIS status).  My prior post didn't mean to argue that this was a useless feature, but that I prefer its current implementation.

Your argument, though, seems to imply my preferred method is "wrong" because photographers have done it another way for 30 years.  Well, they've done a *lot* of things another way for 30 years -- doesn't mean we should be in a rush to go back to that.

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