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Re: KR is an idiot

tbcass wrote:

KR doesn't like anything but Canon or Nikon. He knows very little about cameras and doesn't even use the cameras. He is IMO a complete joke. I refuse to read anything on his site because it is complete BS.

So how do you know enough about him to say that?  Apparently you don't or you might have read these recent remarks about the Fuji X-T1:

"Holy cow, mine just arrived and I'm exceedingly impressed. No wonder they are in such high demand that they took this long to arrive! ....Fuji is actually advancing the state-of-the-art in photography, while other brands are just sitting around selling the same old thing. Man, the Fuji actually has dials and a control system that work together, not like the could-have-been-great dials on the Nikon Df."

Someone else commented that he only gives good reviews to companies that send him loaners. He just got a Leica loaner and knocked it hard compared to the Fuji. I don't know where his Fuji came from but he sure wasn't very kind to the Leica, and it's a loaner.

Someone else disparaged his mention of 'real photography' but based on their very limited gallery (in number, and in subject variety) I don't think they could give him any lessons.

Just saying. And I don't know him nor do I subscribe or donate to his site.

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