POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

gardenersassistant wrote:

It's the colour cast issue that's baffling me. If the software says to Lightroom "this is red", when referring to the colour of a particular area in a reference shot of a scene that was taken with colour-casted illumination, won't Lightroom then turn that colour into "real red", and neutralise the colour cast? (Not sure if that is clear enough to be useful - I'm having difficulty finding words to express thoughts that are rather vague and confused!)

I'll try to simplify. Let's say you are photographing something red at the "golden hour" and you are using the Daylight white balance. The camera will not record "red" as "red," but as a reddish orange, and it won't record "gray" as "gray," but as a yellowish gray, which is probably what you want. If you then send that image through Lightroom with the Adobe default preset for your camera, it will dutifully reproduce the scene more or less as it was recorded. But, because your camera is probably a little different from the one Adobe used to calibrate Lightroom, the reddish orange you took a picture of, and the yellowish gray, will be reproduced a little differently than it really looked. When you use the ColorChecker and software to create a profile, though, you are doing the same thing Adobe did when they created a profile for your camera, but you are using your specific camera and lens, and the result should be closer to what you really saw.

In a fully color-managed photography system, the camera and lens combo should be profiled, the monitor should be profiled, and the printer should be profiled. That way, when you shoot something red with a golden glow, you see something red with a golden glow on your monitor, and when you print the image, you get a print where the reds have a golden glow. Without this profiling, everything is a little off.

If you look up articles on color management, I'm sure this is explained better than I can explain it. I'm not an expert, but I have been dealing with color management for quite some time.

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