Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Re: Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

SeymourButts wrote:

Gradybaby wrote:

turbsy wrote:

Gradybaby wrote:

I'm really loving this camera and don't miss my D800 D600 and D4:))

And what's the point to this? There's nothing here that couldn't be done with any Nikon camera made right now. Fuji makes nice cameras and some really great lenses but this is the Nikon full frame forum and any one of the cameras this forum is made for could have done as good or better.

Your right about that only it weighs one third what my Nikon gear does. And I guess that's a compliment that the Fuji can shoot as well as the heavier and much more expensive Nikon gear.

Nice photos thank you for posting,Now take a cookie and your plastic camera and go to your room.....

With a name like Butts I would be careful what you say on the web it could come back to bite you where the sun doesn't shine. How about posting a few of your works of art for the world to see. Besides the XT1 is built as good an many of the top of the line DSLR read the reviews and weep. While your at it take a look at the DpReview of the camera Gold award and an 84 not bad for a plastic camera. But I guess you know better.

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