Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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tbcass wrote:

911Tyson1 wrote:

Where is tethering? Pros don't need 79 focus points they need tethering.

Pro nature, wedding and sports photographers don't need tethering. Pro studio photographers do. Next time you throw the term pro around be more specific. You are right though that tethering is something that should be included even if it's something I will never use.

First of all I need to correct myself. After doing some more research it appears that the A77II does support tethering. So my apology. But I do agree with you on the comment above. Most of my photography is portraits and macro so tethering is something I desire.

Where is the focus assist lamp? Who knows maybe you don't need it anymore. Doubt that.

Really unimportant. "Pros" don't use the built in flash. All in all it's not that big a deal.

I disagree. Maybe most pro don't, I don't know. Focus assist lamp is not the built in flash it's the infrared light on the front of the camera. I've personally used this feature many times doing long exposures outdoors at dusk and basic night photography. Unless the A77II can focus better without it, it's a step backward in my opinion.

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