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Re: All too true (and a few weeks later)

abortabort wrote:

"Sony today announce the new A7000 flagship APS-C E-Mount camera, featuring upgrades from the a6000 including:

Tri-Nav controls
Mag Alloy body
2.4m dot EVF
Digital Level

Plus 1/8000, mic and headphones jacks and higher flash sync.

These 'must have' features come at a cost though, $1199, which is $550 more than the similarly spec'd a6000."

Then there is the outcry from this forum from those 'eagerly' awaiting a N7 replacement:

One guy says "they changed the knurling on the tri-nav dials, this is NOT an N7 replacement"

Another "according to one guy in China, the mag alloy, Sony have cheapend it, it is only 1.67mm thick, the N7 was 1.72mm. Disappointed Sony! When will they bring out a real N7 replacement?! Not buying"

One particularly besoted soon to be owner says "Wow, I can't believe Sony finally listened, I can't wait to recieve my new a7000" to which forum members respond "But it isn't a TRUE N7 replacement, this guy took photos with it and there is a noisy pixel in the top right corner, it is three pixels in and eight pixels down - My N7 doesn't have that!"

Another respondant says "When will Sony learn we need LENSES, not cameras. I've bought a Fuji"

One punter that seemingly has no vested interest says "Yawn!"

Another says "those JPEG samples look terrible. There is splotchiness in the spotty quilt! I only shoot JPEG, but all other cameras I use produce perfect JPEGs every time, they are so perfect I never even shoot RAW. Who needs RAW when you can get perfect JPEGs? Epic FAIL"

Here's another "$1200 for this!? I will keep my NEX-3. Sony have shown they can do good image quality on the A7R, why can't this!?"

An astute potential buyer notices "No weather sealing!? WTF Sony! And we need LENSES, I don't want expensive FE lenses, I want top quality primes for under $200, f1.4... I'm moving to Fuji"

One guy pouring over the specs says "Sony says that it can use E and FE lenses, but how is that possible!? Is this a new hybrid mount? If I can't use my 55-210mm with 1.7x teleconverter I might as well stay with my NEX-5"

Another says "nice spot on the knurling on the tri-nav other guy, I WON'T be buying... Once again Sony have left us N7 users out in the cold, they PROMISED me a N7 replacement and they try to give us this!? Try harder Sony"

A clearly well thought out post simply says "Does it play games? Sony fail"

And finally "They release this instead of a firmware update for us a6000 users, why won't you learn from Fuji Sony, instead you release a $1200 FW update. Fail. I'm keeping my NEX-5n"

So they are the first early responses from this eagerly awaited release. Sound out below what you anticipate people will say if an a7000 were launched?

And a few weeks later......I am returning my A7000 because..........

"I am returning, after careful analysis of these cat photos it isn't that different to the N7, plus i'm used to my N7 and haven't figured out the a7000 yet, so it can't be as good... Will wait for a real N7 replacement"

(*subtext - What I REALLY want is a cheaper A7 in rangefinder form factor, that performs as well as an A7, or maybe A7R, but want to use my current $200 E mounts with perfect corner sharpness. I also want those E-Mounts to get a firmware update to weather sealing and for the camera to be exactly exactly the same as the N7 so I dont have to learn anything.... But I DO want clear image zoom for my professional JPEGs, but Sony have to guess exactly how I already imagine it to work on the N7, because I don't want to dive into menus for it).

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