Focal length reducer for M43 and corner / edge resolution

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Re: Focal length reducer for M43 and corner / edge resolution

Shirozina wrote:

Got a Camdiox EF to M43 to try out. I used some old OM glass which performs well on my GX7 with an adaptor. On the Camdiox the center resolution is very good but at the edge,s even when stopped down, it's pretty mediocre. Is this normal for these reducers or will an alternative reducer like the Mitakon retain a better performance at the edges? ( just realised metabones don't do either an EF or OM to M43 sspeedbooster)

Looks like the difference is edge resolution comes down to the lens itself and then the quality of the focal reducer that's used.  This is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 with the Metabones, jpeg straight out of the camera. Already a very sharp photo, I can't see this getting any sharper, this is an APS-C lens also, thus you notice the slight eyebrows with bright backgrounds.  I don't have too many photos without background blur, but this is zoomed out all the way, which with the focal reducer it's 13mm.

Sigma 18-35 f1.8 w/Metabones

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