auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Sorry you feel so bad about Fuji's approach to auto ISO. I personally am fine with it. I often want to choose the min shutter speed faster than some "rule of thumb". Also I'm not familiar with Nikon's or the Olympus approach but Fuji's match my Canon and is better than Sony's where there is no way to set the min shutter speed and it doesn't follow any kind of 1/f rule.

Also just because the camera manufacturer thinks their IS or OSS is good for 3 stops doesn't mean I want their auto ISO algorithm to assume it So instead of an 1/f auto setting I would want a 2/f, 1/f, 1/2f type of setting.

I guess I'm glad I'm old enough to have learned to use a camera without it doing all the thinking. And I'm glad all those real professionals gave us great photos without all these features as well.

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