Very Nice Review of K-3 over at Imaging Resource

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Re: Very Nice Review of K-3 over at Imaging Resource

viking79 wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Tom Lusk wrote:


Why is it nobody is screaming and gnashing their teeth that it took approx. 6 months to complete this review?

Because there's no reason to complain, perhaps?

Imaging Resources started with a "Hands-on and Technical Info Overview" on 7th October 2013 - that's the day of the announcement. Until now, they had several content-full updates including a 3 part shooter's report and an in-depth analysis of the AA simulator.

DPReview, OTOH, only had the standard, useless "preview" and they briefly mentioned it in an "enthusiast round-up". Unlike with IR, we had to wait for the real content until the end of March.


And yet when the review came out it didn't remain popular very long. The Fuji X-T1 and K-3 review came out within a few days of one another and the X-T1 is still receiving 7.5% of the clicks and the K-3 isn't on the list anymore. This is why it took them so long to review the camera, I understand why it was low on their priority list.

On Imaging Resource, the K-3 is - for quite some time - on #7 in their "popularity" top. On DPReview, as you said it isn't on the list anymore.

Of course, they don't use the same "metrics" but it's interesting nevertheless; the camera has the potential to attract readers... on one site.

Don't get me wrong, I think the K-3 looks like a great camera, but I understand DPR perspective that the interest isn't very strong and to give more priority to other reviews (like X-T1).

Interest is created.

Most people who are going to buy a K-3 probably don't need the review to justify their purchase, and they problem mostly read early adopter reports, etc. They are likely Pentax shooters to begin with.

A review should assist them in deciding to buy the K-3, or otherwise finding more information about this camera. I strongly disagree with the opinion (mentioned on this forum for several times) that there is no need for a K-3 review, and perhaps for no Pentax review ever.



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