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Re: Perhaps a bit more reading and research would help, for us all

WD wrote:

WCguy wrote:

Bill Dewey wrote:

Take a look at the Nikon USA site,, where it clearly shows the FT-1 still being part of the deal. Check dealers as well, not too hard.

ebay sold, $200 and up for new FT-1's, you are correct on approx. $100 for the lens.

Given that I'll change my math, none of this changes the base cost of the body.

Even if you drop the FT1, had Nikon not forced a bundle, please show me how the price is now "too high"?

Once again, show me the comparison where this makes the V3 so out of line price wise with other offerings?

For example, the Olympus E-P5 is $799 body only at Adorama.

It would be nice if you would actually take the time to address the price issue overall, compared to the same "bundle" from the other manufacturers. I just don't see that large a price difference.

Personally Bill , I think if the V3 was at $500-$700 without the options included ,many of these same folks would still be bitching about the price or something else. Many folks just come in here to harp and complain just for the sake of being heard.How simple is it, if the camera isn't for you, or is too expensive, don't buy it, move on, why waste time trying to convince others to feel the same way, go get that other great deal of a camera system you constantly compare the V3 to. As far as Huff's tirant for 3 sec. on the V3, who cares. I have no problem paying the $1200 for the V3 package, couldn't care less what others think, I don't buy for them. Months from now while everyone is still ranting on about the same nonsense I will be enjoying my almost new V3. When the new V4 comes out, I will buy that one too. WC

Certainly, some people, like you, have no problem paying $1200 for the V3. I agree with you. If you like it, buy and enjoy it. If you don't like it, if it doesn't fit, if it's part of a "system" and lacks what you want or need, if there's more of what you want/need/like somewhere else....don't buy it.

"Months from now while everyone is still ranting on about the same nonsense..." it won't be your problem. It will be Nikon's.

Warren everyone will be ranting no matter what in months to come and it won't be just about the V3 it will be about every camera out there.I know folks who pay more for their knives and forks than I do for camera's, each for their own. I have read many positive reviews on the V3 and from them I have gathered the dials are better than my crappy dial on the V1, tilt screen, EVF which I like on my RX1 also, that is good enough for me to upgrade with a few other perks. I could buy other camera's (actually have too many now) but I like the V1 system, I have most of the N1 gear and $1200 with the extra's does not seem out of line to me considering what I have paid for other camera's in the past. I also have the AW1 and the batteries can be used on the V3 and if not I would buy new ones, no big deal. For those who rant and rant on about the V3, why waste your time, buy something else.        WC

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