auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: Huge difference...

stevenjames wrote:

skeys wrote:

stevenjames wrote:

Set whatever shutter speed works for you and move on. Its not that hard.


some people who seem unable to understand why they cannot pick up a brand new camera and have it automagically perform their every desire with no intervention on their part.

I would have never imagined that one would spend over $1000 on a very capable camera and have no idea how to use it.

But really trial and error here, just test a few different shutter speeds and see if they are sharp or blurred. Or make it easy and just set it for 1/60 and forget it.

Auto iso on the X100s works just as I expect it to, same as my DSLRs. What really bothered me was on my previous X100 auto iso was limited to 3200?? never got that one.


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This forum is full of people who came from a point & shoot camera or an entry level DSLR that they used on one of the auto modes.

Nothing wrong with that but when you get a bunch of people together that have very little experience you get all kinds of beginner type questions and opinions.

Things really get frustrating when these people blame almost all of their inexperience on a faulty camera.

A camera that doesn't work the way they want it to work just isn't a good camera (for them) and I agree with many of them, they may be happier with something else.

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