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Northoceanbeach wrote:

I think the big mistake is not the price, but the fact that at this time all you can get is the $1200 bundle. Take away the price of the EVF ($330), the grip ($165) and the FT-1 ($240), you end up with a very reasonable "body + 1 lens" price of just under $500. That does not seem out of line to me.

As far as not selling many, there are no cameras available in the United States right now, and have not been for 2 weeks. I spoke directly with Nikon USA this week, response was "we can't say when we will get more or ship to your dealer, hopefully next week". This indicates to me that they have sold as many at this time as they have made.

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Bill Dewey

I don't consider the retail prices for he EVF, and grip "real" prices. I suppose someone would have to pay the. If they broke pr lost theirs but to me they are part of the camera and should be included in the total price. It reminds me of car dealers that advertise a car for say $10k, but when you look closely, that doesn't include, a radio, ac, paint, delivery, window, lol, whatever.

my point is if nikon only sells the camera as a bundle, it's not a bundle, that IS the camera.

at the end of the day, I had one in my hand and couldn't do it. Not because I didn't like it or want it but solely based on the fact I felt it was overpriced. I still miss not getting it. I love my j1 and the one system as a whole. I liked the camera. But I just felt that I was getting ripped off. When it is sitting on the shelf next to a sony a6000 for 400 less that has a built in grip and avf , and offers a body only option, I couldn't do it.

Maybe I made a mistake. But I bought sony. So as a new photographer interested in only mirrorless and with no brand loyalty yet formed, Nikon might have lost a lifelong customer.

Or maybe I'll get the sony Monday and hate it, and sell it and get the v3.

I had a nex6 kit with some accessory lenses. I liked the 6.

I found the V2 easier to use, less heavy, and the lenses were much smaller. The AF was much better, especially for moving subjects.

It is the better camera for me.

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