Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Re: What is wrong with Sony A-mount !!

phototherapy wrote:

I wonder what score the A77m2 wil have, but from this comparison any one can see it, ore they are blind, even more, the real picture's show even more credibility for the A6000, I would like to have a A77m2 with the high ISO performance of the A6000, but that's not going to hapen with this camera. even the A58 have better high ISO Jpeg's than the old A77 and now the A77m2 ........ !!!!

What is interesting is that you have the tool to do some reasonable analysis and ignore it.

The A77 and NEX 7 came out the same year both 24 MP the ISO rating at DXO was 1/4 better for the NEX7.. Now the A6000/A5000 have come out and are the best rated sensors are almost a full 2/3 stop better than the A77.

Odds are the real difference will be about 1/2 stop at best IE about 1150 ISO if the relationship between the NEX and A77 sensors hold with the sensors released this year.

In reality for APC... most of the 1:1 ISO peeping issues fall out in the actual use of the photos..

What is odd is that a few quick test shots and people are in a panic over what?.. that the A77 may only have the ISO rating of a Nikon 24 MP APC sensor.

It seems to me that we have lots of people who don't understand FF vs APC and noise and have seen all the A7 releases and somehow assumed the 24 MP APC would end up with the same ISO as the 24 MP FF.. And I wish Coffee beans were $2 a lb.. isn't going to happen so I don't expect it.

This is what DXO says from a more objective POV:

"So the signs are relatively encouraging, although sensor scores from the Sony a6000 haven’t progressed significantly from the original Sony a77. Achieving a DxOMark Sensor Score of 78, the Sony a77 ranked 51 for all sensors and 8 for APS-C cameras. In fact with Color Depth and Dynamic Range results between the Sony a6000 and Sony a77 almost identical, it’s only the improved ISO sensitivity on the Sony a6000 that gives it the edge over the a77. You can read our test results and sensor scores for the Sony a77 here and Sony a6000 here. "

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