Are there other "reach" alternatives for the N1..not megazoom?

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Re: Are there other "reach" alternatives for the N1..not megazoom?

Microshooter wrote:

This has been somewhat discussed over and over again in the various threads but I am just looking for a simple answer to a simple question (please don't bash me for asking

Is there ANY other solution in a small camera to get the reach (using high crop factor) that we can get from the N1 series (Sony, Oly, Panny or whomever), that will allow interchangeable lenses that will go to 800mm FOV or more? Please exclude the mega zooms!

Let's not debate IQ or features. I have ALL Nikon gear (except for a Panny ZS5) but am not a fanboy....I'm solution driven and looking for alternatives to the N1 and thinking there are none.

If it is reach, then the 5.5x crop of the Pentax Q must be considered. It does a very good job. Unfortunately, there is no EVF.

One good option is the Pentax K adapter and using a 200mm or 300mm lens. Manual focus only.

The 06 zoom is native to the Q and can have a reach with a 35mm equivalent 300mm with a constant f2.8 max aperture.

I chose the v2 because of the fast AF and the EVF.

I have a t mount 300mm f5,6 mirror lens that I a experimenting with using the ft1 adapter. Manual focus but it yields an 810mm equivalent in a very compact and lite package.

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