Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

coolcatdaddy wrote:

WCguy wrote:

Huff is just a guy who has a web site putting forth his 2 cents.

True, but what makes Huff's 2 cents meaningful in this case was his early enthusiasm for the 1 system in the face of all the criticism it received. His glowing reviews probably induced a lot of folks to give it a shot. His about face on the V3 is telling in that regard.

Absolutely agree.

Huff's review on the V1 amongst other reviews and posts on this forum were instrumental in my decision to order the V1 plus 10-30 & 30-110 kit during it's price plunge. Experience with it spurred the acquisition from B&H of a second V1, PD zoom, FT-1 and N5 flash plus the 18.5 lens. All of this two camera, five lens, FT-1, N5 flash and carrying case kit for @$1500!

Even with it's flaws, I loved it, and, smitten with smaller size MILC systems capabilities, convinced that the few "improvements" would come shortly in a V3, I decided to exit DSLR for good after 50 years of use.

However, the delay of a refined N1 system camera led me to experiment with m4/3. I bought a Panasonic G6 and equivalent lenses to the 10-30/30-110 for $639 from B&H....only $90 more than the original V1+ 2 lens purchase.

Now, Huff's opinion of the V3 reflects my gut feelings and opinions of others I've read. The improvements were greatly desired but short of the mark. The unique features are valuable to some, but of minimal or no importance to others.  Features still missing are of more importance to many. The size is debatable. Image quality may be debatable. The EVF is debatable. The use of micro SD is debatable. But for many, the price vs. value isn't.  $1200 with another kit lens and grip.....oh, and the EVF??  Frankly, at half that price I'd think about it harder than the purchase of my second V1 kit.

I waited for the V3, but am not waiting for the V4.  I'll keep one V1, FT-1, N5, the PD Zoom and 18.5 lens, but dispose of the rest and add to the m4/3 kit instead.

Sorry Nikon, but you're in a competitive market. You're beginning to remind me of the old General Motors! "If we build'll buy it."

Give your board of directors and engineers a G6, or maybe the A6000, or RX100 and ask them to compare it to the V3. Then, give them the order to beat it...or at least match it.  If you didn't, you need a management overhaul.  Soon!


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