auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Peter Jonas wrote:

Christof21 wrote:

stevenjames wrote:

1/focal length is lame to me. Set whatever shutter speed works for you and move on. Its not that hard. With this little camera and standard lens I know that I can handhold no problem using 1/30 so that works fine for me. I've also got great pics hand holding at 1/15 with this and my larger DSLR so what's the beef?

I always thought that 1/focal length was B.S. I never used it with tele lenses thats for sure. Shot weddings with medium format camera and 150mm lens (large & heavy) using 1/60 all day (and night long).

To each his/her own


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The rule 1/f makes really sense. It is function of the focal, if you double the focal then in average you will move move twice more. This is simple math and this approximation works really well.. No surprise that all camera makers use this rule (as far as I know, or a close one) !

Maybe the rule for you would be 2/f. It could depend also on the OIS. There are better implementations (Nikon would allow 2/f) but I lost this feature and I really miss it :-(.

When I am in aperture priority mode, the other settings should be AUTO (no need to set the minimum shutter speed). !

If Fuji builds a zoom 18-135, it will be the worst case to use auto-iso !!!

I remember going through the same debate on the Nikon forum a few years ago. Nikon apparently had been very late to follow Canon (and perhaps some of the others) in adopting the 1/f rule in their implementation of Auto ISO.

There were some people who did not want to hear about it, and there were others who thought they could not exist without it. I was just a neutral observer as I was not then (and am not now) a user of Auto ISO.

In the end when finally Nikon responded to user pressure, they implemented it in an optional way. That way both camps were able to be kept happy.

And I think that is what eventually Fuji will need to do.

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Peter Jonas

No pressure at all so far... I'm afraid it is not going to change soon.

This is really important for me, even if some people prefer another system, I hope they can understand that for other people it really matters. Everybody may be satisfied as you said.

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