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Re: Fuji also charges "premium" (ie, exorbitantly high) prices.

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I don't think there's anything surprising about Steve Huff's review. The V3 system is priced very high. It's price does't make it any worse a performer but it does pit it against some serious competitors.

With the V1's introduction I read, and promptly ignored Steve's glowing report, as did very many other photographers. I didn't even for a second wonder why he praised it, I just didn't care. When the price came down near $200 his report suddenly became important.

The V3 is most likely better than the V1 in very many ways but once again, frankly, I just don't care. It's way overpriced. It boils down to the best use of limited resources ($$). For example, if I were to upgrade from V1 to V3 the end cost to me would likely be about the same as if I upgraded my Fuji X-M1 to a Fuji X-T1. I understand that this crosses a whole lot of lines but to me, for my money I could be the proud new owner of a V3 or of an X-T1.'s the price that hurts this camera.

Yes, the V3 is priced pretty high, but Fuji's X-line is similarly overpriced. I was thinking of buying a new X-E1 + 18-55mm lens a couple of days ago when the price was $699 (now back up to $799). I really only wanted to get the 18-55mm lens but its price is a ridiculously high $695, so I'd be overpaying for the lens but getting a free X-E1. Problem is, while the lens has a few minor advantages over my 16-50mm, it's also larger, heavier and still $700. Yeah, I could sell the X-E1 (I'd keep the X-A1 for its Bayer sensor) but it wouldn't be worth the effort, at least for me.

Well, a bit in defense of Fuji, that kit lens may have been high, but it is hardly "a kit lens"-it's a really good lens actually. Good glass is always pricey.  And when Fuji was doing the regular lens offers their system becomes quite affordable for what they give you actually.

Of course if you need something in particular that they don't offer it's of no use (to me that was lack of electronic shutter for some things I want to do).

I can see why some photographers would prefer the X-T1 to an X-M1 for the performance alone but I didn't like the way the X-T1 felt and handled when I tried it, and the image quality of ALL of Fuji's X mount cameras is substantially the same, so upgrading from the X-M1 to the X-T1 is mostly a performance upgrade. Upgrading a V1 or V2 to a V3 provides a substantial image quality upgrade (proved, thanks to Steve Huff's full resolution J1 vs V3 images) and also substantial speed and features upgrade with its tiltable touch sensitive LCD, higher resolution and faster EVF.

That said, I'll wait a while for the price of the V3 to drop somewhat, helped more than a little by the $700 I saved by not splurging for the X-E1 + 18-55mm lens. I'd probably have bought Fuji's 18-55mm lens if the price wasn't unreasonably high for what it offers. $350 would be a reasonable price. Samsung, Nikon and Canon sell their stabilized 18-55mm lenses for $205, $197 and $249. At $695 for Fuji's 18-55mm version (with only a slightly wider variable aperture range) it's hard to see how Fuji's price isn't also outrageously high. The recent Fuji lens sales give a good indication of the high markups. I'm still waiting for the $449 27mm lens to arrive. The sale price was $199.

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