POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

phototransformations wrote:

Thanks for the link to the cheaper color checker card. However, I don't think it'll do the same thing the author of the article on camera calibration is talking about; there doesn't seem to be any software included with this card, and it's the software that allows you to create the ACR/Lightroom profiles.

Ah. Pity.

If I get it, I'll see if it creates a better profile for my cameras than Adobe did, using the technique for creating more flexible profiles, rather than region-specific ones. I agree that calibrating ACR or Lightroom on a per-region basis seems like a lot of work.

I was coming at this from a different angle. I do mainly closeups/macros and I was thinking that a "regional" profile wouldn't make much sense for me. It would need to be more of a "what was the ambient light like on a particular day", except that it often changes over the course of a typically four to six hour session, and indeed can change from minute to minute when there is patchy cloud. It also varies depending on whether I am working out in the open, or in shade, amongst foliage etc.

I'd be very interested to know if it would be practical to use the ColorChecker like a grey card - take grey card readings during the session, set the white balance for/from each of them in Lightroom and sync the white balance from each to the relevant images from the session. But perhaps there would be too much of a process involving other software to make that practical.

I've done some rudimentary calibration by eye by photographing multiple test print test photos with a lot of colors and grayscale tones under various lighting conditions and getting what I see in the original photograph to match what I see on the screen in ACR. Then I save that tweaked version as the default for that camera, at that ISO, so it's automatically applied when I import the images into ACR. This gives me a much better starting point than the Adobe standard or the JPEG in terms of accurate color and contrast. I would hope that the ColorChecker profiles would be even better, as they seem to be in the article's examples.

For me there is a significant issue on the "accurate colour" front. My subjects often have colour casts from light reflected from and transmitted through their surroundings (leaves, petals etc). Would using the ColorChecker adjust the colours so the subjects would appear as they would in "neutral" light? The thing is, I don't think I want to "correct" these "environmental" colour casts, because the colour, with the cast, is what it really looked like, and for me is part of the interest of the scene. Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding how these colour corrections work.

All gloriously off-topic of course. Except ... would ColorChecker adjustments work equally as well with JPEGs and RAW I wonder? I suspect they would; I think Grey card white balance adjustments work just as well with JPEG as RAW, don't they?

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