Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

Raist3d wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

walter g1 wrote:

Nothing to do with what brand it is. If theirs a problem I will list it. I'm not a Nikon guy. Even tho I own and really like my J1.
I have been following threads on the Sony FF and they are having problems getting parts in the US.
I was considering getting one to use with my Legacy glass, but I'm not impressed. A lot of really good glass just doesn't work that well on it.
I had high hopes for this camera, but for me its a no go.

Apologies, I took your reply in the wrong context. You are being really informational. Thanks for the heads up. In either case the Sony's out for not having a quiet shutter (one key reason I am looking at V3).

Just shows that before you start a thread like this you should get some information first.

Eh, dude, chill. It was a simple mistake.

That's the way it is with some guys. You've got to take the bad with the bad.

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