I have decided to cancel my pre-order a77II...

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Re: Well, in that case . . .

Calico Jack wrote:


We'll all be selling-up and migrating to another brand (I'm serious)! I'm not fussed about GPS, Wi-Fi or whether it'll walk the dog, just give me a product that will at least provide the best of the competition in one package that's affordable.

IF those who are waiting for this body to come onto the market are expecting something stellar, will be actually be viable in financial terms to sell your A77, A65 or whatever in order to buy it?

Gizmo's and worthless gadgets have no place in a modern camera, but if you peel off the layers (like an onion), what exactly is it that this new model has to offer that you can't get elsewhere? How long have Sony shooters been screaming out for low noise high ISO capability to match Nikon, or the additional TIFF and DNG file formats of Pentax and the pro level bodies of Canon?

If the A77 II isn't what prospective buyers want or expected, maybe it's time to look for pastures new.

Hang on there.!!. We have a current recount going on the election of "Spokesperson for All Camera Buyers"  There are questions about the chads in Florida.. so you might have to back down and speak for yourself alone until we have recounted Florida where there are only 500 votes separating you and Ken Rockwell.

I for one have never cared about in camera TIFF nor DNG.  Too easy to get the most up to date formats when I offload my images from the software.  Always assumed this was a marketing gimmick that Pentax used to be different where it didn't affect actual image capture. Though the star movement tracking in Pentax is cool..

I as of yet have not seen what the ISO performance is vs a D7100.. I am sure you are not comparing the APC expectations to FF.. no rational person would ever do that..   If your NSA briefing given to candidates only.. has more data on A77II actual ISO performance.. Can you tell us which Nikon cameras they did a controlled comparison to?

WE will notify your Campaign manager as soon as possible about your universal spokes person status..

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