Lets have a Happy About the A77II thread

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K E Hoffman
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Lets have a Happy About the A77II thread

I fully expect the forum downers to post in this thread as much as those of us who hate the negativity have been posting in the Whine cellar threads.

Context which many will know:

  • I like Sony Design on DSLR level gear
  • I have never had any doubt about the Sony continuing the a-mount
  • And I loved my A700 and now my A77
  • While FF interests me, I think too many miss the value of APC chasing FF

So this post is my context for being frustrated with the level of negativity the Sony Forum generates when something really nice is offered to them. The word that comes to mind is "Brat"

A77II - My 48 hours assessment after reading the info and the whines


  • Dropped GPS - But too many workarounds even using Windows Phone 8 for me to worry about it
  • Removed the AF Assist Lamp: with focus to -2 EV (full moon level of light) plus I found the lens or fingers often blocked it I again am not going to worry..

Positives: Every item listed here is something I have wished was better or on my A77

  • Tethering and Wifi for using allowing remote control of camera and remote viewing of shots
  • Stabilization in the VF / LCD while framing
  • Better views of the LCD in Sun
  • Almost every button is now user customizable
  • User memories are now directly accessible from the dial
  • Larger Buffer for 12 FPS Shooting (which I have used)
  • Kept same battery and Grip!!
  • Improved the AF system dramatically
  • Didn't add more MP just for marketing reasons

Things I don't know yet because there are no real objective tests

  • Is the RAW IQ performance better, lower sky noise in low ISO and better ISO
  • how is the JPG engine.. Don't know.. rarely shoot only JPGs (to me its is like burning the negatives after you get a print)
  • EVF performance.. Hope it is better

Thinks I expect that didn't happen:

  • Headphones out for basic monitoring

Things I really like that I didn't know to want

  • The new AF tracking modes if as described are very cool for anyone shooting action
  • The ability to find the eyes for focus has been improved
  • It looks like the onscreen UI might be better

Big Wishes that didn't happen but I don't blame Sony for

  • 32MP FF that gave me 15 MP APC crop
  • 4K video ability (wouldn't use it much but like the value of more data to work with it)
  • One full stop of ISO improvement which includes 100% legacy lens compatibility with mirrorless focus system

Since I tend to take a rational view of expectations vs reality.. after reading a lot what Sony had done in this release I am happy. for a two year update to the Flagship APC camera.. this beats anything Canon or Nikon has done for their users recently. I am happier than I was with the SAR leak 12 hours before Sony posted its new pages at:


So while it may not have EVERY FEATURE EVERYONE WISHED for and someare  clearly deeply impacted by this... sorry for their loss

What this tells me that is important to the a-mount longevity

  • Sony is spending money on R&D directly for a-mount only technology as the AF system pretty much is and the improved IBIS is.
  • It says Sony knows Photography about more than increasing MP each time

I give this release a solid A-  Thank you Sony.. for stepping up to the plate and working on better A-mount systems

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