Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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not really a surprise

I don't think there's anything surprising about Steve Huff's review.  The V3 system is priced very high.  It's price does't make it any worse a performer but it does pit it against some serious competitors.

With the V1's introduction  I read, and promptly ignored Steve's glowing report, as did very many other photographers.  I didn't even for a second wonder why he praised it, I just didn't care.  When the price came down near $200 his report suddenly became important.

The V3 is most likely better than the V1 in very many ways but once again, frankly, I just don't care.  It's way overpriced.  It boils down to the best use of limited resources ($$).  For example, if I were to upgrade from V1 to V3 the end cost to me would likely be about the same as if I upgraded my Fuji X-M1 to a Fuji X-T1.  I understand that this crosses a whole lot of lines but to me, for my money I could be the proud new owner of a V3 or of an X-T1.'s the price that hurts this camera.

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