auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Christof21 wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

MartinEA wrote:

As a wedding photographer and like Jim the auto ISO works perfectly for me. Photographing moving objects means I have to freeze people and that means a higher shutter speed.

Having the auto ISO working to a focal length wouldn't work for me.

If your photographing something not moving how easy is it just to move the shutter speed dial.

Fair question but one both of us should answer, not just me!

IMHO, the primary burden is on the photographer to adjust for subject motion/blur instead of having to adjust for camera-induced blur. Why? Because the camera can reasonably calculate the minimum shutter speed needed to compensate for camera blur given the effective lens focal length and whether OIS is active. By contrast, there is no algorithm to compensate for subject motion/blur because the camera can't (realistaclly) know the speed of the subject.

So what does this mean? If you're first concern is subject blur, you should be shooting in S mode where you pick the shutter speed needed for the subject. Only you know what speed is needed for a race car versus a boat to eliminate subject blur. This would leave the camera to calculate minimum shutter speed needed for all of the rest of us who want to shoot in A or P and who's first concern is camera-induced blur. Just my two cents.

You can have the best of both worlds, really.

They abandonned the mode where it selects at least 1/f. All cameras now can take into account the focal length, note that so far nobody gave me the name of a recent camera which can not take into account it !! I really miss this, this is a pain for me.

1/f doesn't work for me. Even with the Fuji 23mm lens, I try to keep ss at 1/100th or faster to ensure sharpness. ISO then automatically floats to 3200 (my maximum), dropping ss slower once it reaches that ISO. This works perfectly for me. I'm glad it's designed the way it is.

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