A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

eastriding4310 wrote:

Actually the camera is the Sigma DP3 Merrill, 46 megapixels of Foveon magic, with its matched fixed 50mm lens, when properly shot in good light on a tripod delivers extremely sharp photos in both Jpeg and Raw. The raw files are 50 megabytes each. As I delve into the photos (pixel peep), the images remain sharp until you almost get to pixelization, allowing you to see far more detail in your photos than most Bayer photos, with the exception of the 36 mp Nikon D800 and the A7r.

And yes, the sensor is an aps c.

Unfortunately, the limitations of this chip for low light use make it a specialty camera for me, since I already have an A77.

Now we know why you didn't mention it..

Specialized 14 MP P&S.. And yes the Foveon sensor is 14 MP because even with debayering there is more luminance detail in a bayer sensor of 24 MP than a 14MP Foveon layered. But its a nice sensor system from all I know.. so has value.

So we would summarize that you are disappointed that Sony didn't release a 14 MP APC Foveon camera.

Ok.. Now that we have context in your complaint people can work with that. You were comparing Apples to Bananas.

I can't dispute your claims on IQ because I can't find any major review site that does good controlled comparisons that has deemed the camera worth testing.. Though I would expect a 14 MP sensor to be better in low light to some extent.

I will say I am glad that Sony did not release the A77II as a 50mm fixed lens P&S, and I am not disappointed that it is not a 14 MP Foveon style sensor... since that was not, at this point, a rational expectation.

Enjoy your specialized low light camera.

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