Pentax K-3 Price Drop...UK/EU Online Store Only?

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Re: Pentax K-3 Price Drop...UK/EU Online Store Only?

brecklundin wrote:

Not sure if we got an analogous price drop here in the US nor exactly what the drop is for "over there" but a drop is a drop.

Me? I think the US price at the Pentax Web Store for the K-3+grip is a nice deal at $1299 so who knows the price in the retail market...

Sure has come a long way form the K5 released at, what was it, $1699? $1599? for body only? I have a sense once the K3 hits the sub-$1k price point many Canikon's might give one a try but they will do it in private and wash their hands when they are done so none of their Canikon "pro" pals can smell the Ricoh-Pentax on them. Remember those guys spend almost a kilo-buck for a flash when they want the "good one".

Ummmmmmm, Breck, I REALLY HATE TO TELL YOU THIS -- REALLY!!! But I just read a review of Canon's new top-of-the-line flash, which includes a built-in radio flash transmitter that can handle up to 16 other units independently up to 98 feet away, and it's A KILLER at a price considerably LOWER than the new version of the Pentax 540 GZ (which has the supplemental modeling light as its only extra feature missing on the Canon). Were I a Canon shooter, I'd snap it up. Were I "on the fence" where to go with DSLR, that might push me towards Canon. It looks that good, at a decent price.

That said, you KNOW I love Pentax. But Pentax is NOTORIOUS for a weak flash system. The new version of the 540 supposedly addresses some of those issues, but it's a couple hundred bucks MORE than the old one, which was already pricey, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a built-in radio trigger/receiver. It wasn't long after I got into Pentax DSLRs (and was disappointed by what I got with a Pentax-dedicated Metz 58 AFII) that I decided to just NOT do much in the way of flash photography for now with my Pentax DSLRs, if it required more than the built-in flash could deliver.

As for the K-3 getting below $1,000... I don't know -- yeah, that may bring even more customers over. It's a GREAT camera. Ricoh just needs to round out its line with a few more great lenses and some other things. Pick up the latest issue of Shutterbug magazine for a review of both the K-3 AND that Canon flash I just mentioned.


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