Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Tone Row wrote:

911Tyson1 wrote:


Please have a look here. High iso of new Sony A77 II looks like from version1. Sony, why ?


Agree. I was expecting something a bit more revolutionary.

Perhaps as a baseline you can tell us the last APS-C DSLR(T) that you considered to be "revolutionary" so that we know what the A77 II was supposed to live up to in your eyes.

At first I was being a bit sarcastic but now you got me thinking. All the rumors from the past year or so from SAR and here about the A77II having a Minolta like body, mirror lock up feature, being mirrorless and so on is nothing but a bunch of $#iT. Boy I bet that SAR guy is feeling like a douchebag right now. Always being fed wrong information by a bunch of misled $#itheads. The only time he seems to get it right is a day or two before the announcement when everyone already knows about it. Jokes are on you SAR haha. But I know, rumors are rumors and should always be taken with a grain of salt. Just messing with you SAR. Keep up the good work. It's better then nothing like you get from Canon or Nikon rumors.

Rumors set aside. The questions I would be asking right now:

Where is the global shutter you see on the RX10?

Where is the XAVC S format that you see on a $600 rx100m3?

Where is 4K?

Clearly these are all video feature that I'm sure some of you could care less about. But for me having great video capabilities was what sold me on the A77. Turned out to be a big disappointment. They could have made up for it in this upgrade but missed that boat. I've seen a couple of promo vids made by Sony of the A77II and they look just as bad as the original. After all video was one of the big selling points of the camera. The translucent mirror, continues auto focus in stills and video blablabla.

For still shooters, final image quality is yet to be determined. From the looks of it at this point don't expect much of an improvement if any at all. I would expect to see very noisy RAW files and mushy JPEGs like the previous model.

The questions I would be asking:

Where is tethering? Pros don't need 79 focus points they need tethering.

Where is the focus assist lamp? Who knows maybe you don't need it anymore. Doubt that.

No new lens announcements with the new camera?

Not even a flash? This is a huge drawback for Sony. They have the worst flash system on the DSLR market. When you get into serious photography you will understand how important that is. No standard wireless TTL triggers now that you have a new but old hot shoe. Now you have to fondle around with adapters on your camera and flashes.

It doesn't have to be revolutionary but I was expecting at least a couple of features listed above. Overall I'm a bit disappointed with the upgrade. Not because I was hoping for an upgrade. I've moved on to a FF and have no interest in going back to APS-C. But mostly because lately Sony has been coming out with some very innovative products and the A77II makes me question the future of A-mount.

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