A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

1DanC wrote:

eastbayrae wrote:

It's pretty easy Dan: don't buy it if you don't like it. That is the great thing about capitalism. I didn't care for it so I bought an a99.

I think that you are reading too much into what I am saying, I'm not griping, It's my observation and what I expected was a new generation Camera like the transition from A700 to A77, but what came out was an A77'. For the delay in its release it was not a quantum release, it's a gap filler. It tells me that the A mount is not the focus of their research and perhaps a scale back in development funding within Sony.

For those with an A77 already its not a great motivator to move, for those on lower spec it may be and for those that are not Sony already it may also be.

Dan C

interesting take.. but WRONG

If they removed the mirror.. put in an A6000 sensor and gave up the SLT benefits making it a glorified e-mount ... that would have been proof that they were not investing in a-mount.

In this case they did a major update of the a-mount only focusing system. This is not a minor update. Except for those who got MP focused ...

They also just underminded the value of the LEA4 adapter.. it is no longer much the same capability as a real a-mount body.

They also updated the IBIS system so that it can activate longer allowing it to be on during framing.. a real value to long lens shooters.

IF they had only A larger buffer and wifi with more customizable buttons would have been a minor update Very Canon like.

but a total redesign of the focusing system, including new tracking technology that is all a-mount tuned CLEARLY shows they are still working on a-mount technology too.and increasing the value of a-mount only IBIS.

This means the core of the update value is a-mount R&D not easily moved to e-mount and it makes the a-mount with EVF stabilization much more valuable.

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