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Re: Is the V3 overpriced? I think so...... but.....

Sonyshine wrote:

Aye, but butter is a commodity, a camera is a luxury gadget

Most butter is a commodity. The high butterfat variety is a luxury and you pay luxury prices for it ... but moderate luxury prices, not Leica luxury prices.

LIONEL POILANE, France's best-known bread baker, has a very expressive face, and recently it was expressing deep doubt. He scrunched up his eyebrows, frowned and said: ''I'd love to give you my cookie recipe, but I won't because you'll never be able to make it in America. Your butter just isn't the same as ours.'' Then, he looked at me the way a teacher might regard a slow student and asked, ''What is it about your butter?''

What is it indeed? Or put another way, what is it about French butter?

As a monthly New York-Paris commuter, I already had an inkling. I knew that the butter I bought in Paris had more taste than American butter -- a distinctive tang and nuttiness -- and I knew that its texture was firmer yet more supple. I knew that when I left butter on the counter of my New York apartment, it would sag and soften, while butter in my Paris apartment would keep its square shoulders as well as its taffy-like flex. And I knew it wasn't just a question of central heating. Something else was at work.


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