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Re: SX50 better performance and shots...

Some ways to better improve your SX50 shooting performance and image quality are:

Shoot in RAW.  While only shooting at a burst rate of one frame per second, the image quality and detailed captures almost equals that of a low end dslr (though not quite there yet).

Over exposure issue. The SX50 seems to over expose and be on the high end of the light scale, so I drop by 1/3 the exposure to compensate for this and some times by 2/3s under exposure on very bright days.

Use monopod.  Because the SX50 is a super zoom camera, at full zoom it is hard to stop blurring and normal camera shake, so a monopod is essential in helping dealing with this issue (trying to compensate by upping the ISO only leads to deterioriation of image quality).  I try to shot as much as possible in at ISO 80 for best detail and image quality.  I only up the ISO higher when shooting a fast moving subject such as a bird or animal.

Following these three hints should help with anyone's use and performance of the Canon SX50.

Good luck to all.

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