Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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A clearer comparison of Huff's J1 vs V3 images

Sonyshine wrote:

Strictly speaking, not really SOOC although I'll accept that none of the photos were edited to change their appearances. What he wrote :

Below are direct straight out of camera JPEGS. Both cameras were also set to “Neutral” color in the setup menu and both cameras were set to matrix metering. Both had the Active D Lighting set to off. What you see is what you get. The V3 has more megapixels but is also rendering the images differently Same lens was used, same spot, same moment.


The V3 seems to be less harsh and less contrasty but also loses some of the bite of the 1 series. How about high ISO? This is where we should see a huge performance increase as we are going from 1st gen to 3rd gen sensor for the 1 series.

Unfortunately, all of the Maker Notes were stripped from the photos by Huff's editor, so all of the V3's Maker Notes settings (approx. 77 of them, depending...) are gone, including the picture controls used, sharpness, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue adjustments are missing. The V3 being new, probably used original default settings, but Huff's son's J1 is likely to have some non-default settings, as would Huff if he kept the V3 and used it for more than a couple of days.

Most owners trying to get the best V3 images probably would have switched from the Standard to the Neutral picture control. This retains more resolution and does produce duller, less contrasty results, so Nikon may have biased the V3's defaults (even its default Standard picture control) to be closer to Neutral, to retain more of the 18mp sensor's available resolution. The greater "bite" that he mentions is usually a result of higher sharpening. This usually makes photos look a little better until you examine them too closely and then you start to notice that artifacts around edges that worsen the images, although giving them the appearance of more "bite" when viewed at smaller sizes.

It's pretty clear though that the V3 produces a much greater resolution increase over the J1/V1 than the V2 does. This despite the weird fact that the full resolution 10mp J1 photo is a 7MB JPEG file and the full resolution V3 photo is only a 4MB JPEG file. Could Steve's thumb have been on the scale, trying to give the J1 a slight advantage by saving a higher quality less compressed JPEG? Maybe not, but that sure doesn't inspire confidence.

These are crops from the middle set of photos, from the middle left side of the frames.

J1 crop

V3 crop

As usual, view images using the "original size" links to best view the photos. The image sizes will then need to be normalized to make comparisons easy, to compensate for the differences in the number of pixels that make objects in one photo larger/smaller than in the other.

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