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Re: Not a V3 Review

The Smoking Camera wrote:

My philosophy is give me a camera, any camera, and I will try to find it's strengths and weaknesses and use it to the best of my abilities.

This one sentence in itself tells me you would be a better reviewer.

I don't know, but it just seems the more I read his site the more he seems like the rich whining baby kind of reviewer with more and more of a philosophy of looks, equipment and having a cool brand name on that equipment are more important than the image that equipment can produce.

That said, he can definitely take a good photo and knows how to process and it's his site and opinion so he can say what he wants ...but there is more to a camera than the type card it takes and if the VF swivels or not. To say he used it around the house for a three hours than boxed it up and totally dismissed it while saying detrimental things about Nikon shows a real close mindedness towards the, or any, review going forward.

So Nikon sends you a free camera to try and review and you're not even going to review it? C'mon. All I can say is that my opinion is that Nikon shouldn't send him anything else from now on. A bad review would be fair but an article like that just shows a lot of immaturity.

...and is that V3 that bad - I don't know. May be, never tried it, (never even tried any of the 1 system cameras) but if I had one I would definitely not let a micro sd card and features such as a non tiltable VF stop me from trying it out to see if it was good or not. ...and I know that three hours from unboxing is way too short of time to find that out.

Edit: ...and yes, the price seems to be way too high, but would that deter anyone here from giving it a chance if you were sent one to review or try out?

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