A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

1DanC wrote:

I use my A77 for portraiture and a lot of landscape work, which I love doing, and like I say the Zeiss has been a brilliant investment for me. There are a lot of ways to use a "performance" camera and not everybody wants to shoot a herd of buffalo coming at them and keeping them in accurate focus so cut me some slack. Someone asked what improvements I would have liked to see in there, well a much better flash exposure management system if it were mentioned would be interesting to me.

I don't recall saying the GPS was on the top of my list, I think that it was a sad sacrifice to present a camera that is more fashionable with Wireless capability, and frankly, I don't shoot RAW unless I am taking critical photos where PP is needed, like a wedding for instance. So good quality JPGs are important in my mind. Adding to the use of useless additions, like the ability for the camera to do audio level monitoring during video is a waste, this is professional capability in a camera that doesn't provide for a license for using any recordings for any commercial purposes (at least that is the case for the A77, lets see if its different).

I am not confident that Low light performance is improved radically by PP.

Thanks.. now I can properly value your other opinions

Anyway the point of my post was to say that after reading up on the A77II i don't feel like dropping my A77 in the bin and chasing after the new model. And I don't have a new wishlist that would make me go that way. The move from my A700 to the A77 was a significant change, I had no hesitation to move to it then. In the A77ii I see a replacement camera that provided updated features at a targeted price point, for which everybody waited a long time. I don't see Sony reinventing a photographic experience as they did with the A700, perhaps thats why they called it the A77 ii and not the A7.

The next step for me will be full frame and another Zeiss lens and I am hoping that the upgrade from the A99 will be more significant....or the A7:-)

Dan C

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