auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Started May 3, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Jim in Hudson wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

Christof21 wrote:

It was a downgrade, I agree.

Strictly speaking, I don't think it was a downgrade, but rather trading something for something else while I see no reason to not having the whole cake and eat it.

What did the user get in this exchange?

The minimum shutter speed, I admit this is a plus.

The problem is that they now ignore the focal length... This is not auto anymore...This is not contradictory, we could have a minimum shutter speed but still have a shutter speed at least 1/f. Or propose  also an auto mode as MayaTlab0 suggested.

They should have never cancelled this auto mode IMHO. I have lost much more than I gained with this firmware (I would prefer to install the previous firmware).

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