auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

I have said and said last year when I switched to Fuji after a couple days using the XE-1 and this is before the XE-2 or XT-1 was even rumored as a new camera.

I discovered this with the p&s X-20 actually.

Anyway, ISO, AF point and Dynamic Range should all be set manually for IMO best results.  I have the X100s now and same for that.

I am sure their are many that keep the metering pattern on advanced and not center weight when the situation calls for or may benefit from changing metering pattern as well.

Even White balance should be set manually if not customized.  Choosing the right Film Simulation mode can also have an effect and for me that is why I use them the way I used to shoot Fuji's film/E-6 counterparts.

In short IMHO, Fuji X cameras work best when you take manual control and that does not mean manual focus, but things related to the exposure. They are the only digital camera system I have felt this way.  First hand experience with the X20, XE-1 and X100s are are the same here for me at least.

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