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There IS something wrong with MicroSD

chimphappyhour wrote:

He also makes MicroSD sound like it shouldn't be in a camera costing more than "X"? (This plus what was already brought up about him changing his tune on cameras after they have gone on fire sale is very telling of his cheap nature. Sounds like he doesn't want to shell out money for cards he doesn't already own.) Sounds like he is adverse to change. I'm sure I can still find some nice floppy disks for him, maybe the 5 or 11" ones? They even have a hole in the center that he can string them by so he never loses another one again. Not a single thing wrong with MicroSD. Have an issue seeing them? Might be time to see the optometrist.

The fact is, a MicroSD card is MUCH easier to lose or drop than an SD card. The reason MicroSD is widely used in phones and tablets is that it just about NEVER gets removed from those devices - and transfer of the contents is invariably over WiFi. Cameras are a different app, where the user is frequently removing the cards from the camera and putting them into a card-reader.  The tiny physical size IS an issue for frequently handling the cards.

Presently, the MicroSD cards that are available are also slower than the fastest SD cards (although that's likely to change down the road, the Nikon V3 won't support most of those faster cards).

That being said, I do think Steve Huff overstated this issue.  It's a minor issue, not a deal-killer.  To me, the price, the dis-integration of the EVF, and the lack of improved dynamic range are the deal killers.

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