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The reality of the matter is, if we're being "teased" about a summer release, the X30 is pretty much already off the drawing board and into initial production.  Small items can be tweaked, but the big items, like the camera frame are already committed and unchangeable.  That limits what new items can be fitted inside the camera physically.  With this in mind, the sensor size is already decided, the VF - which most likely will continue to be optical - and the lens... all decided and already in production.  It's just a fact of design development, production and getting the product to market.

That being said, all our wishing and hoping should be directed to an X40.  The X30 already is what it is.  Latest reliable rumors tell of a sensor "bigger than 1".  From there, we'll have to speculate.  Rumors also speak of a "slightly larger" body, but that's a given for a larger sensor as is the fact that the lens is going to be larger and/or a complete redesign.  Fuji's target competition for the X30 is Sony's RX100/RX100 II so that's the best glimpse into what the X30 is going to beat.

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