Will 35mm cropped do instead of 56?

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Re: Will 35mm cropped do instead of 56?

photo perzon wrote:

I do few portraits...can I push it?

I own both 35mm and 56mm primes.

I wouldn't crop images too much; you want to preserve as many of those 16MP as you can --- unless you are strictly going for low resolution applications such as the web or smaller prints.

As others have mentioned, the 56mm more easily gives you the ability to go for subject isolation using shallower DOF because you can achieve the effect easier by getting closer to your subject rather than trying to position your subject further away from the background.

Since you can shoot the 56mm further away from your subject than the 35mm, you do get the more pleasing telephoto compression effects without cropping.

There's also the fact that the 56/1.2 was optimized for portrait work (vs. say the 60mm macro), which may also help.

But, back to your original question:  if you don't do many portraits, then sure, using your 35mm works just fine.  Pose your subjects/select the backgrounds as required.  Working a little harder to get the sort of portraits you want using the 35mm can be more satisfying that just saying you can't really do portraits until you get a 56 or 60.

If you do lots of portraits, you've probably taken the 35mm as far as you can already and can justify the expense of the 56/1.2mm.  

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