My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

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Re: My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

Jim Cassatt wrote:

I think this is the nature of EVF's in general. Yesterday I went to photograph the high water at Great Falls Park in Virginia. It was a bright sunny day with the sun at my back. The problem is that with this contrasty scene, it is hard to see detail in the EVF to the point that precise composition is difficult. I confirmed this this morning. I took some pictures of my back garden, again front lit by the morning sun. I was in shadows. Again I had trouble seeing details. However, with my Canon 5D MKIII, no problem. Sean Rein in his review of the X-T1 had the same problem. It makes me wonder whether EVF's will be able to overcome this deficiency, namely that the dynamic range of the eye with an OVF is greater that any EVF.

It's one of the things I too dislike with EVFs but I'm not sure even high dynamic range sensors can cover the most extreme contrasts one can see with the naked eye. No doubt technology will improve this situation, but even then, since EVFs are most of the time touted as a WYSIWYG experience, they mostly try to display the jpeg dynamic range curve that you'll get instead of the maximum dynamic range they can provide in raw for example.

Have you tried to adjust the shadow / highlight curves in the settings ? This can make a (very) small difference).

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