Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

Well, he's certainly entitle to his opinion but unless he actually puts the camera to a full and honest use, that's really all it is. Now, as someone who did more than actually open the box, wrinkle my nose and take a couple of shots of my backyard.... I can say that I know he didn't give the camera an honest try.

Cheap and flimsy? I DROPPED mine before even taking shot one. It was a three foot drop as I took it out of my jacket pocket. The flip down LCD and flash popped out and open. Guess what? I closed it all up and shot. Everything worked quite fine and there's only a very minor scrape on one corner. I doubt anyone would even be able spot it without becoming one of these obsessive DPR pixel peepers.

He also makes MicroSD sound like it shouldn't be in a camera costing more than "X"? (This plus what was already brought up about him changing his tune on cameras after they have gone on fire sale is very telling of his cheap nature. Sounds like he doesn't want to shell out money for cards he doesn't already own.) Sounds like he is adverse to change. I'm sure I can still find some nice floppy disks for him, maybe the 5 or 11" ones? They even have a hole in the center that he can string them by so he never loses another one again. Not a single thing wrong with MicroSD. Have an issue seeing them? Might be time to see the optometrist.

The EVF is too small? How big does a viewfinder need to be?!? How big does he think the EVF on the other cameras would be if extracted? The camera is too small? That's the beauty of these cameras, they're small. If I didn't care about size, I have a DSLR. I like that the V3 can be about the size of a P&S or it can be built up. I like the flexibility.

"Nikon let us down with the V3" No, they didn't deliver the screwdriver Steve wanted and he can't see it for the hammer that it is. Some of us can see the tool they put before us and use it as it is. Again, sounds like Steve can't wrap his head around the concept of what this thing is.

I will agree about the kt lens though. Yes, it does have barrel distortion. (Software will take care of it though.) And yes, so far it does seem to be softer than even the previous 10-30 that came with my J1.

I saw someone here mention the grip as being passive. Well, not sure what they mean by that. The grip does add controls and provide more grip. Everyone touts the RX-100 as being a better buy. That's great if you don't want the EVF and added controls and are happy with the lens given to you. (By the time you add the EVF, the price of it jumps! Only grips are just additional contours. You're still stuck with the focal length given you.)

He's welcome to his opinion but judging from his minor time with the camera versus those who have actually spent more time with it...  well, there seems to be a difference of opinion.

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