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Re: A diamond in the rough

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This is now open for all to read on Fotozones.


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Talk to me about safaris in Southern Africa.

Thanks for the link.

From his blog, "However, the overall design of Nikon Df indicates it is made to cater for manual lenses, new or old."

This is where I have to respectfully disagree after trying one myself multiple times. The Dƒ offers essentially nothing to cater to manual lenses except a little mechanical lever to accept pre-AI lenses.

Apart from that the only aid available to the shooter is the same green dot I have in my D800.

Well, let's say the Dƒ looks sort of like the part of a manual camera sporting those nice dials, but I can't focus a manual lens any easier on the Dƒ than I can on a D800.

Topping that I did not really understand how poorly that focusing issue was until I received a Nikon FM3a to play with. Once you shoot the FM3a you quickly realize how badly you want a DM3a. Well, at least a few of us do and my eyes are not what they used to be with presbyopia setting in, but I find the K3 screen goes a long way toward making manual focusing easy, quick, and fun.

But wait! There is a good reason the Dƒ is not a digital FM3a. It isn't because the Dƒ is porkier or lacks a focus screen. The real issue is that Nikon has absolutely nothing to gain by selling a manual camera.

Why? Because Nikon really doesn't have any manual lenses to sell you except a few leftover AI-S lenses and where is the profit in that? If Nikon made a real DM3a how would they sell all those new awesome Nikon lenses with the nanocoating? They are all autofocus lenses. Nikon makes zilch when you buy a Zeiss lens or even a used AI-S lens.

I think there are a few people that like to believe that the Dƒ is God's gift to manual photography, but it isn't and it was never intended to be by marketing design.

By all other accounts the Dƒ is an awesome camera, albeit a bit pricey, but to call it a camera that is oriented towards manual lenses is simply a long stretch of marketing hype.

Thank you for this response. One of the most intelligent replies I have ever read on this forum.

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Mike Dawson

Thanks, Mike.  I guess I had more wine than I thought last night.  

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