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Re: Stunning...

josbiker wrote:

ia am not a fanboy but i learn everyday.


You sir, most certainly are.

You continue to make these claims based solely on information....accurate or not...that you dig up off the internet. I agree COMPLETELY with you that the GH4 is an exciting camera.

Quoting the information you have posted here, from this source......

he states........"This is not an easy process and even the best cameras like a Nikon D4 has about an 80% success ratio in my Speeding Pooch Tests."

Now, keep in mind that the D4s has made a significant improvement in AF, but we're not here to talk about the D4s so we'll just use the results of the LAST Nikon sports platform. 80%.

Your source goes on to run the same test with the GH4. His results are....

0 Star= 30 Throw out due to missing dog completely or too close for lens to focus.
1 Star= 47 Out of focus, I would not keep this image
3 Star= 12 Somewhat in focus. Not acceptable for publication
5 Star= 72 Razor sharp!

You can do the math for yourself.  72 images out of the 162 he took are Razor Sharp.  That's a 44% hit rate.  Knowing how you skew things to fit your perceptions, even adding the "Somewhat in focus.  Not acceptable for publication" (which we CAN'T use because we are talking about for publication....imaging), you are looking at a 51% hit rate.

Go buy your GH4 and ENJOY IT.  It's a damn fine camera, but you aren't going to come around here and shake your pom poms and convince these people.....many of whom have forgotten more about photography than you and I combined have ever known....that this thing is a Nikon Dx or EOS-1 "killer".

To quote you.....


To everyone else, I'm sorry for dragging this nonsense out.

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