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What is the REAL price of the V3? Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

So, would people be much happier with the V3 if the entry cost was $500 instead of $1200?

EVF - $330
Grip - $164
FT-1 - $240

Prices from the Nikon USA site

If my math is close to correct that all adds up to about $730.  Going to some even higher math, $1200 - $730 = something close to $470.

Hmmmmm, and that includes 1 lens.  What is the price of comparable bodies/systems?  Would the reviewers and pundits, Thom Hogan included, have a different "opinion" if Nikon did not force the "bundle" price.

In my case I will sell the FT-1, as I already have one, along with a lens, so I will reduce my total outlay by perhaps $400, I just don't see how the V3 itself is that expensive, considering other cameras in the category.

Knock Nikon for forcing the bundle, I think that is more than fair.  Complain about the micro-SD, I don't like that either nor do I like Yet-Another-D$&$-Battery, but none of that changes the camera operation.

My perception is that Steve is annoyed with Nikon, and rightly so, and chose to take it out on the camera, rather than Nikon.

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