I have decided to cancel my pre-order a77II...

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Re: I have decided to cancel my pre-order a77II...

Hugo600si wrote:

Silverback46 wrote:

.... I just don't like Sony changing the orange Alpha symbol to silver...why Sony why?? It looks like my humble a58 now!!

Hmmm then again Silver is my nickname...I may have to reconsider this!!!


This is just so horribly inconsistent, first they change my beloved 70-400G from an initially hated silver to white just after I started liking silver, and now they change the orange heritage to silver, it should have been gold to at least match my Minolta 600si 'classic' logo. This is just horrible, I'll cancel all my pre-orders and will not pick up my new lens today. What is next, a silver Zeiss logo?

After initially not liking the GPS being gone I'm just reflecting today that even though I like it I only used Location data 3 times and removed it from over 20 images for privacy reasons... now if only I could get a normal Minolta flash hotshoe and I'd be happy, as the alternative is using the 58 as a wireless and getting a 42 version as mains... ok, I still like my a77 a lot anyway

I am worried its a Hasselblad designer giving suggestions!! What's next? Designer chipboard grips?? It has to stop!

Like you I actually only used my GPS a few times though it actually was handy then. Necessary no...but handy. Even when I do get my new a77II I will still be keeping the old one.


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