Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Bit depth

VirtualMirage wrote:

This camera is capable of shooting at 14-bits, which is 16,384 shades of color per channel. This gives you smoother transitions in color without the risk of posterization, more accurate color, and more accurate tones.

Wrong. The container and processing is 14 bit - the files probably is not much more than about 12 bit for a full ISO-free sensor.

Also, to judge the noise we need to:

  • expose the same scene with identical exposure for different cameras
  • for jpg: which camera settings for noise reduction?
  • for raw: look at the level of in-camera noise reduction
  • find out how much 'headroom' the raw files have for noise reduction
  • Then compare fully processed files from both/all cameras

It is simply impossible to judge the noise level from a sinlte or a few test shots - we don't even know how the exposure was metered; one half stop over or under exposure really matters for pixel peepers.

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