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With a better sensor it could have been so much more.....

I tried a V2 in store a few months back and it was and still is the nicest camera I have ever held. The size, the grip, I utterly adore it. I tried the GX7 and G6 and while great cameras I did not take to it like I did to the V2.

What deeply saddens me (as a V1 owner) is the sensor in the V3 is not so much better than what is in the V1 according to DXO. It actually score just a little under the V1 while the equivalent 1" sensor in the Sony RX100 (II) scores a lot higher.

Summery of DXO Sensor scores:

Nikon V2 [50]

Nikon V3  [52]

Nikon P7800 [54]

Nikon v1 [54]

Panasonic G6  [61]

Sony RX100 II [67]

Panasonic GX7 [70]

Olympus EPL5  [72]

Olympus OMD EM10  [72]

The Sony with it's 1" sensor does brilliantly compared with the rest of the competition. There is clearly a market for the 1" sensor. I would have loved this sensor in the V2 body priced sensibly. The bad design decisions of the V3 is one thing however I can't overlook the sensor within and the outrageous pricing for just wanting to shoot stills (this is a camera at the end of the day not a video camera). This could have been so much more. Such a shame really.

My hand has been forced by Nikon to move to the m4/3 system which have far greater lens choices to what I require for my shooting needs (such as a 35mm lens) and the prices are a lot cheaper than the V3 system. At the end of the day, most consumers want the most value for their hard earned cash and you get this with better quality output with m4/3.

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