Purpose and Photography - Thoughts after 25 years... (repost)

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Re: Purpose and Photography - Thoughts after 25 years... (repost)

Jim Cassatt wrote:

A lot of good advice. When I go out to take pictures, I do try to ask myself, "Why am doing this, what do I want to accomplish?" If I can't answer those questions, I don't bother. I live in Washington DC, where the cherry blossoms are spectacular. Were I a tourist, I might try to capture the grandeur I felt when I first saw them. If I were hired to photograph them, my purpose would be dictated by the client. Theses days, I ask myself, how can I photograph them in a way that has not been done by millions before me. I have not been able to come up with an answer, so I stay home, or go and enjoy them without my camera.

Excellent points.  I know e x a c t l y what you're saying....

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